Seeing through hearing,

hearing though seeing.

„Multiple art forms meet at eye level, correspond and unfold in front of the audience’s ears and eyes. No arbitrary cross-over, but arranging the antennas to previously unheard musical moments won my favor with that idea.“

Oliver Wille, Intendant “Sommerliche Musiktage“ Hitzacker

Music across genres, recomposition, improvisation and space filling live painting visuals: that is the core of Scriabin Code. After #bauhausmatrix in 2019 the ensemble is currently designing a new setting called "TakeOff".

Classical music is cracked on stage and recomposed, stereotypes are questioned by alienation, live generated visuals create new layers of perception. This leads to spatial fields of tension between the artists to yield unique experiences in sounds and visions.

Based on the core concept of dialog the ensemble is inspired by the manifold repertoire of the classical music of the last 100 years, namely works by Hindemith, Strawinsky, Satie, Scriabin and others. Scriabin Code is supported by UNESCO Creative City Mannheim.