Live-Video  "watch:listen"

Our audiovisual adventure for your home cinema.

Enjoy our premiere of the SCRIABIN CODE on a USB Flashcard with high quality recordings and perfect sound.

Mediabook "watch:listen"

An audiophile adventure for your

home stereo. Get our CD, together

with a 24 page high quality

mediabook- limited edition

17,- Euro (plus shipping 2,-)

Order via email.

Please choose between DVD, BluRay, or flashcard.

USB Info  19,-

BluRay-Disc  22,-

DVD  17,-

(respectively plus shipping 2,-)

Order via email.

Wall paintings from

out Media Arts artist Reinhard Geller

Never Ending Story – Phase 1

in a large and unique

11 Colour printing

A gradual process, Phase 1:

"Never Ending Story";

11 Colour printing on

'Hahnemühle German Etching'œ,

this unique moment, signed,

80 x 50 cm on a black frame.

249,- Euro (incl. shipping)

Order via email.

Never Ending Story – Phase 2-4

Different stills from our visuals in a

11-colour printing on 'Hahnemühle German Etching'œ. Every motif in a limited, numbered and signed edition. 40 x 30cm. (print 25 x 14)

79,- Euro (incl. shipping)

Order via email.