Echo –  Scriabin Code in press

"this project is grown up and makes deep sense"

(Piano News)

„...transforming Scriabin´s music into our time with intuitive sensibility“ 


„One of the really important examples for the transformation of contemporary music into a great vehicle for modern group jazz improvisation…  Its creative and forwardfacing.” 

(Richie Beirach)

"One of the sustainable possibilities that transposes  Scrjabin's variety of sources with new technical

and musical opportunities."

(Johannes Moog, solo clarinetist, German State

Philharmonic Orchestra Rhineland-Palatinate)

"There are wonderful musical dream sequences to

discover in it (...) of a lingering ambiguity."


"€œAn other thing this music  achieves:

Do do more with less Bravo!"


"A tremendous hommage"

(Hamburg Evening Newspaper)

"The symbiosis succeeds wonderfully."

(Mannheim Morning Paper)

"Opening these compositions opens spaces

that are filled with other sensory impressions ...

If you have the chance, watch this performance! live"


"Albrecht encodes something from the core of the selections, translates them into new forms of sound."

(Lueneburg Newspaper)

"Asli Kilic interpreted confidently,

wonderfully soulful to extremely furious."

(Lueneburg Newspaper)